Yamaha … the Cross Hub pickup

Yamaha are well known the world over for their motorcycles and small engine plant etc. They have produced a concept car previously, that being a small sports car.

Recently Yamaha hinted they would be bringing a new concept vehicle to the Tokyo Motor Show. Again it was expected the company would have something similar.

As it turns out, that was not the case, what surprised the world was a mini pick up, called the Cross Hub concept, a curiously designed pickupyamaha-cross-hub-concept truck.

No doubt the truck isn’t for everyone, with every surface made of curves, creases, and vents it does look like a funky clown truck.

The Cross Hub is super compact, It’s about three feet shorter than the shortest Hilux, and with tidier lines the Cross Hub could be a promising little cargo hauler. With talk of 4×2 and 4×4 options it could be a nimble little off roader, but it is all talk at the moment.

yamaha-cross-hub-interiorThe Cross Hub’s cabin is another little surprise. Though it looks like a regular two seat cab truck, it actually has seating for four. It uses a “diamond” layout for the seats, with the driver’s seat forward and in the middle, two seats outboard of that one and farther back, and a fourth seat immediately behind the driver. Think of it as how the McLaren F1 would be set up as a four seater car. Aside from providing a supercar like driving position, this layout also makes some extra space in the bed at the forward corners. According to Yamaha, this is enough to allow two motorbikes to fit snugly within.

Trust Yamaha to design a car perfect for its other products.


It is not expected to see the market in its current form, but it could be the start of something interesting from Yamaha in the future.




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