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X Defend pedal lock … recall


If you own a Defender and more importantly a X-Defend Pedal Lock you are due a free upgrade from a re-call. If you don’t have one and are considering one then you’ll be blown away with this bit of old fashioned customer service.


The X-Defend Pedal Lock stands out from the crowd amongst a mind-boggling amount of security devices around today. Engineered from a tough stainless steel the X-Defend is corrosive proof. It utilises formed hinges with a 6mm thick stainless steel pin to ensure its disk cutter proof too. Final piece of resistance is an anti drill British Lowe & Fletcher lock. The genius in the X-Defend Pedal Lock is that it fits flush to your floor then simply unclicks and folds over the foot pedals and locks. No flying debris in an emergency stop, steep descent or wrestling it in and out of a spare foot well. They are a good, solid, reliable, visual deterrent for any passing opportunist thief.



However this week, the X-Defend designer Simon Rafferty and owner Stephen Edwards of Foundry 4×4 were made aware of a simple breach to the device by social media and immediately jumped into action. Releasing a statement acknowledging the flaw and offering to rectify it for free,‘’We believe we have come up with a solution to overcome the issue. The fix will be manufactured as a retrofit item so that all existing X Pedal Locks can be upgraded. Simon will be drawing up the design on Monday and we will be getting our laser cutters to commence work ASAP (we are going to test it first obviously to ensure it works). We will then, once we are satisfied that it works, offer these as a FREE upgrade to all owners of vehicles fitted with X-Eng pedal locks that contact us for one’.

These days it doesn’t seem like five minutes before devices get hacked, scrambled, disconnected, there will always be x-defend pedal locka thief who relishes the new challenge. So in an age when security devices constantly strive to keep ahead of the times, it’s nice to see some good old-fashioned customer care. Not only have they fixed the flaw they are also offering to upgrade any devices already sold.

To get your upgrade you will need to contact Foundry 4×4 via email with a photo of your pedal lock along with the first three digits of your registration number included in the picture, written on a piece of paper.  You will also need to include your full name, address and phone number in the email.

You will not be contacted automatically, it is important that you contact the company in order to receive an upgrade.


Email: Info@foundry4x4.co.uk



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