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Wrex Racing … Ultra 4 Europe 2017 KoF


King of France is the first round of the Ultra 4 European season. here is Wrex Racings first report …


The Maxxis king of france weekend kicked off on Friday afternoons with the prologue followed by the vision-x night stage. We set off last in legends class for the prologue and set a good pace and placed overall in legends class with a lead over second by over 10 wrex-racingseconds.

With bad weather predicted we were unsure if the night stage was going to happen but the weather held off . We were first off in legends class for the night stage driving some of the prologue course and then on to the Maxxis rocks in the dark was awesome we arrived at the rocks with an ultra4 car stuck on one of the lines and we one shotted the other clear line and set the pace with an 8 minute lap. With a lead of 58 seconds over the second place legends car.

Day 1 race day kicked off and we were placed behind the ultra4 cars, starting next fellow Maxxis team mate rob butler. We started at a very steady pace and then picked the pace up knowing it was an endurance race to the flag and we had a great day. The wrex27 truck and team were back in the groove and picking up speed as the day went on. With 2 laps to go we had a splash and dash in to the pits and then crossed the line with a 5 minute lead over second place.

Updates to follow …

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