World Debut … Fiat Pickup; the Fullback

The new addition to the Fiat stables was unveiled this week at the Dubai Motor Show. The Fullback is Fiat’s entry into the medium size pickup truck segment.
Named from the rugby or US football positioning, the namesake is also hoping to be the last line of defence and capable of any requirements put in its path.
As of May 2016 the truck will be available through out the Middle East and North African regions according to Fiat, with two engine options a 2.5ltr diesel with a power output of around 150 bhp and a 2.4ltr petrol engine that delivers 132 bhp with a manual or automatic gearbox, both running five speed gearing.
In Europe and other markets, the Fullback will be available with a 2.4ltr aluminium turbo diesel engine with two power outputs 150 bhp or 180 bhp coupled to a new six-speed manual gearbox or five-speed auto transmission with a switchable sports mode. Availability for the UK is expected in Autumn 2016 and available in only the double cab configuration with two trim levels.
Sitting on a 118-inch wheelbase, it measures 208 inches long, 71 inches wide and 70 inches tall.
Also on show at the event are some Mopar tweaked Fullback models, equipped with some unique accessories demonstrating a special edition range currently under development by Mopar.



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