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Winter Alpine Climb Competition … new concept idea

Alpine Climb Competition is a new concept set to start in winter 2016. Alex Ledger has designed the proposal to fill the winter gap for motorsport fans. Using bespoke rally buggies, professional racing drivers will take on the challenge of the European mountain ski trails. This could mean a whole new challenge for our AWD pilots. To help get his courses and Alpine Climb on track Alex has taken part in the Pitch to alpine raceRich a contest by Richard Branson for new business ideas to win a years support and marketing campaign.
Our thoughts are that although it’s a great idea and new type of competition for the off road community, the slopes will be busy at that time of year with skiers. The local skiing business’ will have to be convinced that closing the routes to be chewed up by 4×4’s will return a greater profit than the current margins from the ski fans.
We wish Alex good luck with his idea and hope it comes to fruition it could be a very interesting activity.

The campaign page, click here

Promotional Video;

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