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Wilderness Lighting has recently been awarded E20 approval for their Solo & Duplex LED lighting systems for use on highways. This certification allows the products to be used in conjunction with any vehicles main beam lighting on public roads legally.



To give a performance perspective on the 20 inch Duplex, if two were fitted to your truck, you have the equivalent of twenty 8 inch Halogen spots or 22,000 lumens, now that is lighting power.


The plain facts for LED use are there for all to see, compare these figures;
1 x 55w Halogen bulb takes 8 amps to run, giving 800 to 900 Lumenseld-light-4x4
1 x Compact LED takes 1.5 amps to run, giving 3200 Lumens
Hence you save power and gain light, a win win situation.


In the 4×4 and off road competition world, LED light-bar popularity has been growing phenomenally over the recent years, this is due to the lighting power and robustness of the quality products, Wilderness Lighting being one of these manufacturers. To reinforce faith in their products Wilderness have been frontline sponsors of extreme 4×4 racing and challenge events, such as the Welsh Xtrem and Ultra 4 Europe night-stages. Their Grade A LED’s are water & dust proof rated at IP68 & IP69K and sold with a three year warranty, and given the abuse that these products have to withstand, that is a reassuring gesture to the purchaser.
Wilderness Lights are not confined to the 4×4 world by any means, there is a huge market out there for these products in the agriculture, forestry, quarrying, transport and the construction industries, where performance, ruggedness and reliability are also required for vehicle applications in harsh working environments .
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