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Why a Vintage 4×4 is good for you …

Todays modern 4×4’s are not cheap and certainly not fixable for your average DIY mechanic, but they are easily drivable for the novice off roader who simply turns a dial and follows the onscreen display … but is that a good thing ?hilx-toyota-classic
We have all seen or heard the tales told of newbies out for the day, not having a clue what they are doing, but they have a modern 4×4 and so are invincible, then getting into difficulties with safety not an issue or thought.
At the end of the 1990’s you still needed to have a basic knowledge of driving and gearing to indulge in a little off road driving in an all wheel drive vehicle, such as hi/lo ranges, difflocks, axle positions, engine revolutions etc. I am sure you agree this was notimages a bad thing as everyone started in the same field and improved their knowledge and driving skills as they progressed with the activity recognising ground conditions, obstacle driving techniques and potential hazards to avoid or negotiate with caution.
This is where the vintage 4×4 still commands the top position for driving respect and 4×4 enjoyment, not to mention you can have that satisfying feeling of fixing it up and repairing it yourself with a little help from a workshop manual or Youtube tutorial. The discoold Jeep, Toyota or Land Rover is a driver maker and character builder for all folks who are willing to listen & learn. Young or old the vintage 4×4 appeals to all who have oil in their blood, but the best bit is they can be cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap to fix up and cheap to repair if you are ready to get dirty.
The other advantage is to look after it and it will improve in value compared to the modern equivalent … that has to be a win win situation, not often found in the motoring world.
Keep those old wheels turning …RR

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