Who is controlling your new 4×4 ??

Issues have been raised in the US over two guys hacking into Chrysler Jeeps via the vehicles internet connection.
The two technology researchers, Charlie Miller and Chris jcValasek alerted Fiat Chrysler a week before going public about their discovery and ability to control vehicles brakes, engine and in certain circumstances steering.
The motor manufacturer is now recalling all the vehicles effected to install security software patches closing the access point for hackers.
jciUntil recently all on board computers in a vehicle were safe unless a cable was physically fitted to the car, but no more, now that wireless internet connections are installed, possible future problems will arise for manufacturers as in the technology world forcing development of a new division in the industry to concentrate on software security.
According to HIS Automotive by 2022 more than 82 million vehicles will be connected to the internet and vulnerable to hackers unless software security is improved dramatically.

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