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What your 4×4 says about you …

All off roaders, racers, green lane’rs and general 4×4 geeks always have a preference of what vehicle they view as the dog’s b**ks for this, that and the other or even the best of the rest.
So we took a look around and found a few previous surveys and write ups on brand owners, their general thoughts, tendencies, characteristics and views on other marques … life the universe and everything.
We came up with this tongue in cheek categorisation of the top 4×4 brand owners … read and weep, … with a chuckle or two.
The good old Landy is the only classless motor in the 4×4 world, from Royalty to defender-talkfarmers, no one is frowned upon when you step from the vehicle. The general opinion of the Landy is a respect for the off road capability but then it’s abruptly cut to the reliability issues and the constant banter of being underneath as much as in it, or “in the workshop” again. The average land Rover owner enjoys the grease monkey side of keeping these vehicles, and if was not a mechanic, soon becomes one. Due to this reason the LR owner tends to be more laid back and has an abundance of patience gained from the “down time”. However he fights his corner with a passion to defend the green oval badge, correcting slanderers that the oil leaks are simply the truck marking it’s territory.
The Jeep owner is usually found either stroking it at a Jeep gathering, or buried underjeep-talk their assortment of the Jeep branded paraphernalia, toys, clothing, tents, and accessories. Look for movement under the collection of goods to find the driver, who is proud to discuss his children, named after Jeeps.
Jeep owners don’t feel the need to argue what should be common knowledge, Jeep is the best, because it was the first. They know they chose the best, just like any other 4×4 owner.
These guys simply cannot understand why any other vehicle would be considered fortoyota-4x4-talk off road use when all the facts point to the best engineered and capable 4×4 with reliability standing strong. The usual example of proof is always called upon, “you only have to look at the Top Gear Show, when the HiLux destruction test was preformed”, ok, ok, but it was a lucky truck. Any issues the trucks have had are usually dismissed with the wave of a hand, dismissing them as a hiccup in a story of perfection. The truth is, they are not far wrong, but they would have been spot on going back ten years.
The Suzuki driver tends to be very much like their little 4×4, buzzing around en-routesuzuki-sj-4x4 and usually running close to the rev limiter. Everyone loves the Suzukis, always there doing their thing, just like the b-team everyone loves, following up behind the big boys, surprising us all from time to time with some special moves. The pride of the Suzuki owner stands as high as the car, in the knowledge that he has agility, capability and frugality in his little motor. His 4×4 can do as all others, but cost less than a set of tyres for it’s bigger cousins, now that is satisfaction of ownership.
Honest Nissan drivers will reluctantly admit that the Toyota is a better vehicle. That nissan-4x4said, the reinforcing of the brand quickly follows with discussion of better pricing for a tougher truck that is just as well engineered from the Japanese shores. But, the bottom line, everyone knows the Nissan owner really wanted a Toyota. But due to unforeseen circumstances or, one came along for the right price, the Nissan became the choice of purchase.
Usually Mitsy owners have never experience any thing else but Mitsubishi. So now onmitsubishi-4x4 their third Mitsy they see them selves as invincible with reliability, strength and durability. Smile whilst leaving them to dwell in their world, they have nothing to compare life to. As developments of the Mitsubishi SUV brand tend to slide “softly” towards the crossover segment, owners will simply dissolve into the insignificance of the soft roader world.
When we think Merx, there is only two vehicles that spring to mind; the all mighty mercedes-g-wagenUnimog and the G Wagen, the rest just don’t really compare. The owners of both models stand tall with comments washing over like water off a ducks back, they own a three pointed star, that has a phenomenal reputation for off road capabilities, as far as they are concerned they are at the top of the 4×4 evolutionary tree. Their philosophy is – why should comfort be sacrificed for off road capability? Although they will engage in discussions of all vehicles abilities, you will never dent their air of being superior to us minions.
There are many more 4×4’s to consider such as Ford, Pinzgauer, Nivas, Uaz, etc. the list goes on. They will all be loved by someone who morphs into the human owner of the said make. It’s all a little like “dog owners looking like their dogs” or may be a certain type of person that goes for that type of vehicle/dog.
Could we perhaps put it down to genetics ?


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