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VW Tristar Concept 4×4 Utility pick up … we need it !!!

The recently revealed Tristar 4×4 pick up by VW at Hanover has already received a good following and many requests if production is to commence.

Based on the legendary Transporter, the sort wheel base, with the rear van section chopped away leaving a deep pick up base with a spare wheel carrier and a sealed trunk compartment.

Fitted with the 4motion 4wd system with raised suspension by 1.2”, a 2.0 ltr TDI engine with just over 200hp, a 7 speed duel clutch auto transmission giving a top speed of 115mph with a 0-62 mph in 10 seconds, not bad for a utility vehicle.

volkswagen-tristar-concept-photo-635883-s-520x318             volkswagen-tristar-concept-interior-photo-635886-s-520x318

This concept king cab variant has fitted an espresso machine and flat screen TV. We think we can manage without these items if production does start ….