VW Amarok based SUV … rumours have it.

Volkswagen may be readying a mid size SUV to rival Toyota’s and Ford’s in Australia, based on its midsize Amarok pick up according to Aussie car site Motoring. Volkswagen Australia Commercial Vehicles Director Carlos Santos said there had been some serious development on the “hard-core” SUV, but it was unconfirmed.
Santos insinuated there was enough demand to justify such a vehicle, given the success of traditional SUVs like the volkswagen_amarok_a32_diesel_34058Ford Everest and Toyota Prado.
Furthermore, policy makers in Australia have given the Volkswagen Amarok’s new 3.0L turbodiesel V6 their stamp of approval, and a new large SUV would give VW more avenues to make money on the big oil-burner, particularly in such a hot segment. Off road SUVs currently occupy Australia’s fourth place spot in new vehicle sales.
Volkswagen will probably sell about 10,000 Amarok pickups down under, which is a huge number for a nation with a population of only about 29 million. Adding a proper off roading SUV would only increase the company’s sales in a region of the world that values long haul ruggedness and efficiency. Furthermore, the SUV’s 3.0Ltr engine would be the only V6 diesel in its class, as the Everest is powered by a 3.2Ltr straight 5 and the Prado by a 2.8Ltr in line 4. That could pay dividends in refinement and comfort, without sacrificing capability or efficiency.


No timetable has been set for the “Amarok wagon,” but experts suggest it could come by the close of the decade.
It has not been mentioned as yet whether or not we may see the vehicle here in the northern hemisphere although North America has already been ruled out.



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