Volvo XC 90 tweaked for 2015 and a Hybrid option

Volvo displayed the 2015 XC90 at the Paris Motor Show billed as their ‘most luxurious and intuitive Volvo’. As their largest SUV not many changes have been made to the already popular model, just a few tweaks to its shape, slightly lower and a rounded and cleaner front with the new ‘floating grill’. The new shape LED lights front described as ‘Thors Hammer’ and rear LED curved vertical lights help add a touch of style.

The cabin has a light airy feeling with crafted natural materials. The 7 luxury leather seats come with various options and the four zone climate control allows for personnel comfort for all.

xc 90 volvo hybrid

Thumb controls on the steering wheel, voice control and a centre touch screen console with Apple iOS allow a cleaner and uncluttered dash.

The new T8 plug in hybrid petrol engine recharges from regenerative braking and from direct connection to the mains although it’s range of 25 miles might be termed as limiting.