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Volvo … 4×4 Truck for 2015

Volvo has added a 4×4 option to its FL commercial truck range for the European market.
The new truck has a raised chassis and 22.5” wheels giving an extra clearance of 6cm up front and 10cm at the rear, to make this model even more off road friendly, Volvo has also introduced a simple push button system to engage low range on the truck for sticky situations. The D8K engine is fitted and available in either the 250 or 280 horsepower giving an impressive torque of 701 or 774 lb-ft and all running through the six-speed gearbox with options of manual or automatic.
Volvo have confirmed there will be a range of wheelbase lengths, axle ratios and cabs to choose from, enabling the vehicle to be fitted out by body building companies for specific specialist markets. This new chassis cab design can potentially be taken on board by utility companies, rescue and emergency services alike. Expedition vehicle constructors will no doubt be interested in this unit with Volvo’s tried and tested track record for reliability and endurance in the truck sector.

Image; Autoblog

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