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Vehicle Security ideas … for your 4×4

The International Security Register (ISR) is a system that registers a unique eight digit code to each vehicle that can be used to mark windows, components and parts. By using this code, marking parts and the stickers highlighting the safety system it makes your truck less appealing to thieves, they can no longer sell it on without risk or strip it and flog the parts.
Paddocks are selling a Britpart kit that supplies full instruction on how to mark various components of your vehicle and how to register the code, included in the pack are eight Glass Marking stencils with the fluid and brush plus two warning decals. For scoring your painted metal parts there are two sets of six UV self-etch labels plus for the plastic parts two sets of 7 ultra-destructive labels with a UV fluid.
Britpart have included three branded security tags for your keys or luggage just in case someone finds them they can be returned, plus a contact card.
So once the stencils have been applied just register the code on line with the vehicles details, ie colour, make, VIN etc plus owners contact details and your truck is no longer quite as appealing to thieves.


More information;  here
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