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Vehicle Glass Cleaning tips … life hack

If you are a regular off roader cleaning your vehicle is also a regular task. Even if you don’t hit the brown stuff too often cleaning is still a job that has to be undertaken and when it comes to the glass you have to get it right for obvious reasons. Diesel drivers more so due to the greasy residue that builds up especially on the front screen from the heater/demister air vents. The other issue with glass is as it ages you can never get rid of those embedded water and dirt marks that just never seem to shift no matter how much elbow grease you use … well listen up; here is a trick to save you time and money especially if you have been buying those expensive professional cleaning products ….


The secret?
Steel wool, grade #0000. Yes, you read it right, but make sure there are four zeros or else you’ll end up scratching the glass.steel-wool-grade-0000
Again, that #0000 with four zeros, we can’t stress that enough!
 Using this steel wool, you should be able to get rid of all water spots, bugs and blemishes but the very worst. Just rub the wool all over your glass, especially on areas where you can feel any raised dirt particles.
Once that’s completed and your screen feels noticeably smoother, apply some Rain-X on a clean soft cloth and apply it thoroughly on your glass in a circular motion but avoid getting Rain-X on your vehicles paintwork. Apply a couple of coats and once they’ve dried, soak a rag with water and wipe off any excess Rain-X.


Check out the video below for the full instructions… the results are very impressive!



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