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Ultra 4 Rampage … a view by Dan Elias – Wrex Racing

Ok … so day 2 started off with a lovely dry morning, we lined up on the grid third from last due to it being a reverse grid based on the overall results from Day 1… Nightmare for us due to my eyesight and the potential to be showered with mud and stuff from the cars in front. Plan is just to have a steady day, to race our class and not the ultra4 cars like the day before. So off we go making a good start until the first obstacle field… For some reason as we arrived we were blocked off our line by a parked up Nissan, so we quickly committed to a new line, a line that hadn’t been WREX-RACING-ULTRA4driven and probably should of stayed away from it but we carried the speed through some real twisty nearly bits and got back through the moon field and back on the pack… So yeah we were last and had 4 and half Laps to try and get back to the front of the pack. Time to go hunting, after some reassurance and confidence from Nick we went to work, we chased down and passed all the cars in front of us apart from Philon which was incredible, Nick kept Dan from slipping in to ragged mode and our spotters reported are progress through the field and found us some much need free air to get the rock section completed and still make an over take while doing it. The Wrex27 team had to dig very hard to come back from what was a terrible first lap. So we finished second overall and first in class on heat 1, and it made us smile and felt like we had worked for it …
Heat 2.
Back to the grid and we were in second position, flag drops and off we go…. By this time Dan was starting to really struggle and all we needed to do was hold our position, we followed Philon and then set in to a good pace but a massively slower pace than the day before and race before. We did our stuff and kept it tidy out there, we dropped from second to third by letting Danny and Emma go, and we placed third overall and first in class again. Nick and the Wrex27 spotters kept us paced from the cars around us with enough of a gap to cars behind to give Nick vital Goggle cleaning time as well!!
Heat 3, the Final.
Ok, so we were there.. Starting third on the grid, all we needed to do was hold our position and we had done it, won legends class again!! Flag drops and off we go… Well actually we didn’t go, we jut span the wheels… Oh no we only have two wheel drive, and now we are last again. Like the earlier heat, but this time we had 8 laps and only two wheel drive. Nick kept Dan reigned in and stopped him from destroying the car in frustration of hunting the cars in front, we locked on the job in hand that was to chase down and get back through the pack again… Oh with only front wheel drive and a little bit from the back.. By the end of lap 1 we were dead last. We lost a lot of time on the rock sections, half way in to lap 2 we had the sight of the pack and all we could do was push, pushing as hard as we dare with limited visibility and a car that was trying to donut every time we laid the power down made it more of a challenge. But we managed to pull it back and place third over all and first in class once again, we caught second place up on the final lap but to be honest we were over the moon, the team had done it. On the Saturday we raced with the top teams and pushed ourselves and our equipment to the maximum and won our heats overall, in the Sunday we paced ourselves and had to go in to race recovery mode a lot. The plan was always to settle down on the Sunday but we didn’t expect all the diversity to go with it.
So finally I would like to once again thank everybody involved with the event from ultra4 Europe, Kirton off road centre, Mcf and Maxxis for making this amazing event happen.
The wrex27 family is becoming stronger, we have a great squad involved which all have their own strengths and direction they bring to the team, we even ended up this weekend with Robert in our camp who fitted straight in and was on hand to document the weekend in wrex27 camp with his amazing pictures . Over the course of the weekend the car was relentlessly serviced, even when Dan was looking like he wouldn’t return to the driver seat at all over the weekend after Saturday’s incident, the team still serviced and changed every suspension bolt on the car incase we were going back out in anger!


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