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Ultra 4 Europe ; driving the KOF with Emma Jones … from the UK

There’s not a lot of girls into off roading so we took this opportunity to introduce Emma Jones. She is from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire in England and studying Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff University. Emma has now been spotted a few times around the 4×4 off road competitive circuit in her trusty Land Rover, and this year she has decided to pitch her skills against the Ultra 4 Europe series. Here is the first part of the King of France in her words ;



Day two is nearly over, only the night stage tonight remains. Managed to break the rakeway shaft towards the end of lap 3 so got back to pits and spent an hour to complete repairs. Halfway through our ninth lap the rakeway shaft bolt came loose and the prop came off. We took off the prop and got back to pits to put the prop back on. Once secured, Danny jumped in the driver’s seat to smash out the final 3 laps but unfortunately on lap 11 we broke a front drive shaft on the Maxxis rocks. Still managed to get back home and complete 11 out of the 12 laps today. My fabulous team of mechanics are currently fixing the truck whilst I eat pizza and relax ready for tonight (thank you Adam Caunce, Paul Glasper, Ryan Jenkins, Nick Jones and Georgie Jones) 




We are currently placed in 9th position, just 2 seconds from 8th and just 13 seconds from 7th position… Bring on tomorrow!

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