UK Military choose Toyota trucks

Recently it was announced the American military are ordering Toyota Land Cruisers and other Japanese light trucks to equip their special forces, well it seems the British are already at it with other European military forces to follow.
A BBC recent report proves that the British Special Forces are already using modified Toyota Land Cruisers known as the Fox made by Jankel. The Long Range Patrol Vehicles (LRPV) are equipped with sniper rifles, heavy machine guns and anti-tank missiles with other modifications available upon request to suit specific tasks.



The Fox is based upon a highly capable commerical chassis, with 4×4 and 6×6 variations chosen due to ease of servicing and support globally. The ‘militarised’ and tested and automotive upgrades, provide each vehicle with optimised performance including improved engine power, weight carrying capacity, braking efficiency and high mobility.
Jankel have designed a functional platform that offers the user versatility to configure the vehicle according to the mission requirements. The tubular superstructure is mounted on the vehicle chassis providing a sturdy firing platform and mounting points for further equipment.


UK Special forces; Currently in Syria



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