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Tyres … what way to go

If you are new to the 4×4 world and looking to change your trucks tyres for the first time, then this is for you, read on …
Replacing your 4×4’s shoes is never cheap and with so much choice out there it’s not an easy decision. So before you part with them hard earned plastic credits you need to be sure you are making the correct choice of tyre that fits your requirements as well as the rims’. First determine where and how the motor will be used, mud, woods, rocks, sand, snow or is it going to be mainly on the tarmac? You will notice that 4×4 tyres fall into three basic categories, HT (highway terrain), AT (all terrain), MT (mud terrain)
Check what size of tyre can be fitted to maximise clearance without influencing speed and gear ratios.
Making the right tyre choice means gaining benefits from fuel economy, tyre life, travel noise and required traction.
There are also good quality remould manufacturers out there such as InsaTurbo who’s AT-4x4-tireprices are as good as their tyres. Remoulds of today are much better built and for a non hi-performance 4×4 they are very capable tyres.
Another option could be 2 sets of rims for your vehicle. A multi functional car may warrant two sets of tyres, one set for the weekly commute and a set for the weekend play but can you be bothered to keep changing them?
Once the honest decision of where and what terrain you’re going to cover the Off Road Tyres mainly fall into two categories.



All Terrain Tyre (AT)-tyres-
A firm compound and wide tread pattern allows for good traction off road, rocks, sand, light mud can all be enjoyed. With these all terrain tyres your wagon has its boots on but with a heavier tread noise will increase on tarmac compared to a standard black top slicker. These are good for SUV’s, light trucks and modified 4x4s. Tyre life will be greater than the MT option and road noise much less.




mud tyreMud Terrain Tyre (MT)
Tread spacing and stagger is key in a true mud tyre, the large gaps allow mud to be spun out making them self-cleaning and ready to grasp. The large aggressive tread means they are noisy and not effective on wet or icy tarmac but they are not designed to be king of the road. Their soft compound allows the footprint to flex, absorb the terrain and spread it’s grip giving excellent traction in mud, deep snow, gravel and rocks. High wear and tear is characteristic with these softer tyres but they are playing hard.
There are several other specialist tyres on the market that boast they are snow tyres, sand tyres, loose gravel and dust specific … the list goes on, but as a UK and European 4×4 owner the mud will be your play area.



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