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Tyre Repair Kits … the high & low’s


Even the toughest tyres can have a rough day on the trail. Sharp rocks or a nail can leave you stranded with a flat when you least expect it. After our recent article on tyre problems out on the trail, we thought we would give you the low down on a couple of popular tyre plugging kits available from reputable dealers here in the UK.




First we have the ARB Speedy Seal puncture repair kit. From the well known 4×4 accessory manufacturer ARB where the word quality comes as standard, so for the listed price, this kit is great value for money.

Coming in a compact carry case, the speedy seal includes all the components necessary to repair tubeless radial and arb-tyre-repaircross ply tyres, without removing the tyre from the rim or vehicle.

The kit Includes a pencil type tyre gauge with dual pressure range and dual chuck, metal insertion and reamer tools, lubricant, additional valve accessories and 30 self vulcanizing repair cords for complete air sealing.

Spare repair cords are also available in packs of 50 from ARB, so before you head out on your next 4×4 trip, make sure you’ve got all the necessary parts for making emergency repairs.


Price: £36.00


The ARB Speedy Seal kit is available from John Craddocks




The Smittybilt tyre repair kit is designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts.

The new Tyre Repair Kit comes complete with everything you need to mend a punctured tire out on the trail and again whilst the rubber is in situ on the vehicle and rim.

  • Self Vulcanizing Plugs (30)Smittybilt-Tyre-Repair-Kit
  • Rugged Aluminum Hand Tools
  • Lubricant
  • Folding Knife
  • Pair Of Needle Nose Pliers
  • Extra Valve Stems
  • Dual Head Tire Pressure Gaugetyre repair kit
  • Side Wall Bailing Wire
  • Interior Tire Patches
  • Easy-To-Follow Illustrated Instructions

Everything is stored in a compact soft pack for easy stowing in a glove box or under a car seat. The kit is ideal for any car, truck, trailer or ATV with crossply or radial tyres. Be prepared for the unexpected with a Smittybilt Tyre Repair Kit and at the superb listed price, how can you afford not to have one.


Price: £30.48


Available from APB Trading


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