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Tyre Change … not small change

Not all off road tyres are the same, as we all know, but when it comes to the most expensive off road tyres, a tyre change is a bit of a specialist job.
So have you ever wondered how a quarry dump truck changes it’s tyres, either due to a puncture or wear & tear. When the time comes it is a bit of a job because that’s some mean sized off-roading rubber.




Our 4×4 tyres are hardly on the small size and can be a bit of a handful when they need changing, but pale into significance when you compare to one of these monsters.





One of the largest dump trucks in the world is the Caterpillar 797, it has tyres that are nearly 4 meters tall, weigh in at 5.3 tons, carry 100 tons per tyre, contain 908kg of steel and enough rubber to make 600 small car tyres. The cost is a staggering £29.5 k each. You’re not going to get that job sorted with a wheel brace and a couple of tyre levers or even that tin of lighter fluid and matches.






Changing the tyre is completed with a large hydraulic arm and jacks. we even found a video from France of a tyre change on a smaller but no less cumbersome piece of rubber….



Check out this Komatsu Off-road being fitted with a new boot …




736567_orig cat-797-1 cat-797














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