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Two Stage Turbocharger + a V8, 5 ltr Diesel … in a Nissan Pick up

Nissan have recently announced that their pick up trucks for the US will be powered by, amongst other things, a Cummings 5.0 litre V8 Diesel with a two stage 2016 Nissan TitanTurbocharger.
The new turbo basically has two turbochargers in one system, one small & one large, hence the unit works very well at both low and high engine speeds giving a more even and constant power throughout the rev range, instead of the usual turbo lag. The torque of the vehicle is therefor greatly improved throughout the acceleration speed.
The system will be installed in the New Nissan Titan XD full size pick up for the US in 2016 and possibly for the Australian market too.
As usual we Europeans will not be seeing the truck here as it is deemed to be too big for us !!!
However, if you are intrigued on how the two stage system works, watch the animated video below …


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