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Tuff-Trek’s new sociable Safari Braai

We know them as BBQ’s but the Braai for those not accustomed to the word is a derivative of the word braaivleis which is Africaan for grilled meat, braai means grill or BBQ. The word is pronounced “bry”
Braai Day is celebrated annually by South Africans across the world on 24 September, It aims to unite all by encouraging them to partake in a fun and tangible activity shared by all demographic groups and revolves around the fire, and the food. The food is cooked on (as the name of the gathering would suggest) a braai, which is basically a grill. But you won’t FOODfind gas on this grill. In fact, better not mention the word gas or you will get looked at like you just passed some! A major difference between the two types of cooking is that South African’s use wood or briquettes (charcoal) when they braai. This means it takes significantly longer to get a fire going and cook the food, but that’s the point. A braai is all about the experience, the company and the quality of the food. It’s something to be savored, and in this time of convenience and hurriedness, I think that’s something we can all appreciate.


We wanted to find the best braai out there and we hunted high and low before finding this unique, entirely stainless steel braai, and you may have guessed, built with quality from South Africa.
Built in small numbers with absolute attention to detail, this superbly engineered braai has a sliding lid, to allow you pack away without having to empty your debris, or letting you safely extinguish it when needed.
The lid doubles as a preparation area and simply slides across, giving extra space. Legs fold down from the base to allow the braai to be used off the ground, which is far safer and reduces the chance of accidentally scorching the ground or causing a fire.


This unit can take charcoal or wood and can double as fire pit after your food has been cooked!
The manufacturer of this braai has a demo unit that is lent out to anyone who asks, provided they keep a record of what they cook or burn in it during their trip – it’s been going strong for nearly 5 years already!
Expensive but durable – £110 (or with canvas carry @ £140)bbq-braai
Available from Tuff-Trek

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