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Tuff storage, Alu-box … for every need

Looking for an affordable sturdy box for your trek gear or garage? Check out the Alu-Box, constructed in 86alubox Hobbyaluminium (AlMg3) these trunks are strong, light weight and resistant to corrosion from seawater, chemicals and climate extremes. Boxes are fitted with sturdy locks and hinges for security; spring handles for easy handling and a rubber gasket ensuring the contents are dust and moisture free. Some are fitted with gas rams to keep the lid up whilst you access your contents. The soft burnished polished aluminium makes them attractive looking so if your storage is restricted they can be utilised as furniture in the modern home without too much earache from the wife. They also make bespoke Alu-boxes for those specific needs.
The Alu-box Sport is classed as the affordable hobby range, constructed in durable 0.8mm plate AlMg3, the boxes have no maximum load and flat lids with an edge all the way round making them stackable. Available in 5 sizes to meet all needs the smallest (ALU B029) measure in at L38cm x W28cm x 35cm, weighs 2.3kg and cost £60.00. The largest in this range (ALU B140) measures L90cm x W48cm x H39, weighs 3.8kg and costs £107.00.
The Pro box is constructed in 1.0 mm A1Mg3 and designed for transport with extra sealing joints and extra strong corners for safe stacking whilst in transit. With 22 prefabricated sizes to choice from this has the largest range of sizes to choose from.
The smallest Pro box Alu 10l measures in at L40cm x W23cm x 16cm and weighs in at just 2.1kg and cost £66. The largest (ALU S690) is L118cm x W78cm x H75cm and weighs 18.2 kg and costs £450.00
The Load and Tool Box is for those looking for something a bit more industrious. These are built in 2.5mmalu-box-tool-chest A1Mg3 with a checkerplate pattern, welded joints and four threaded fasteners on the base for bolting onto trucks. The Load /Tool boxes come in 9 sizes with gas rams as standard plus seals to protect against moisture and dust. Partition can be added if required. Prices range from £282.00 to £887.00 although sizes are not advertised?
The Alu-box company has been producing these gems since 1999 achieving success with industry, defence, emergency services and carriers to name but a few.

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