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Truck Tops from Tuff Trek … nothing comes close.

Tuff –Trek are one of the latest innovative companies to recently step forward on to the 4×4 and adventure over-landing scene here in the UK, bringing with them some very impressive accessories for your 4×4 truck. From affordable quality roof top tents, awnings, racks and other overland accessories, Tuff Trek are here to stay.
In this review we are taking a look at the Smart Canopy designed and built in South Africa by ROCK SOLID INDUSTRIES (RSI). We all know the durability and quality of South African 4×4 accessories do stand the test of time, as the S.A. environment is not forgiving for off-roaders or equipment alike.
Here in the UK, the over-landers choice of truck has predominately been the Defender, but with the end of production now upon us, times have to change and the crew cab pickup will be the way to go. Bearing this in mind, we will be following our continental cousins the Aussies and South Africans, who are years ahead of us with aftermarket component designs for these utility trucks or “utes” as they affectionally call them.
The Smart Canopy is a sleek, stainless steel adventure canopy made for the double cab pick-up application. Offering high strength and a high security option for your vehicle these canopies are ready for work or play. Available fully colour matched, with a range of gull wing doors, each comes complete with security keyed locks and roof rails as standard, capable of carrying up to an amazing 350kg on the roof.rsi-truck-top


The Smart Canopy is exclusively available in the UK only from Tuff-Trek.


These stylish South African stainless steel canopies are available for most new model double cabs and are the ultimate in rugged luxury. They come flat packed for easy delivery, and are ‘Built Africa Tough’ yet still only weigh in at 85kg, which is little more than the plastic competitors. Everything you need is included in the kit for an easy build and fitment, plus those nice people from Tuff Trek are always at the end of the phone if you have any queries or problems.
RSI canopies are ideal for work or adventure, with the 350kg carrying load makes them perfect for carrying heavy equipment, roof racks, roof tents and awnings.
The unique stainless steel construction and security keyed locks makes them far more rugged and secure than any conventional canopy, offering enhanced security for valuable contents such as tools or equipment.
Automotive grade stainless steel construction means these canopies just shrug-off knocks and grazes which would damage a plastic or aluminium canopy. Worse case scenario, steel is easy to repair and does not suffer from electrolysis corrosion or fatigue cracking.


Fully dust proof and 100% weather proof, each canopy can be fully colour matched to your vehicle and available with a wide 4x4-truck-canopyrange of options, including:
Solid Sides or Steel Side Gull-Wing Doors, available with or without sliding glass windows.
Integrated Internal roof mounted camping table
Side Locker Units easy access storage, fits behind one of the gull-wing doors
Draw Units fits behind gull-wing doors
Fridge & Cargo slides
Side Awning System   
Roof Racks
Roof Rails
LED lighting
Paint Options 2K (vehicle matching, contrast finishes, matte finishes etc.)


Full packages can be supplied, complete with Roof Tent, Rack and Canopy, allowing you to convert your double cab pick to an expedition ready vehicle in one easy step.
With the new RSI smart canopies you can treat your pick up truck to the most robust and solid top available on the market today. Plus with an RSI sat on the back of your truck, you can drive with piece of mind, knowing that it will handle absolutely anything you throw at it, from driving overland to Cape Town, to using it at work carrying ladders, tools and valuables securely.
Although pricing is slightly higher than your average truck top, you will never need another one in this lifetime.
Prices depend on the range of options required.
The double cab EURO Adventure spec. model is £2475 (including VAT). This includes 2 full length Gull Wing Doors (left & right), front and rear fixed glass (solid option available at no extra cost), integrated roof rails, security keyed locks and colour matching paint finish.


For more information visit; Tuff Trek
You can get hands on with these remarkable truck tops at the following shows where Tuff Trek will also be displaying there latest range of roof tents, Up Racks and the well known FrontRunner brand accessories of which Tuff Trek are also official agents.
Donington 4×4 Show   stand B66-B68
Adventure Overland Show   


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