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Truck-Bedz … for a good night’s sleep in the back of your pickup or SUV.

For those 4×4 pick up truck campers and adventurers who need that extra sleeping space, or a comfortable double bed off the ground, then look no further than Truck-bedz.
Made in the US but shipped world wide for just about all makes of 4x4s these rapid inflate (& deflate) air beds are a great option for your 4×4 vehicle sleeping arrangements.
Truck-bedz make 3 model options for their range;
The Expedition series are constructed from 420D nylon backpack cloth, which has been coated with special TPU polyurethane, then RF welded into shapes to fit nearly every pickup or SUV. Superior materials provide superior strength at even the lowest temperatures.
The Weekender series features the same great vehicle fits while made with the familiar velour topped comfort made from PVC based vinyl film similar to Coleman and Aero-bed at the more consumer friendly prices.
The patented Gold series feature the more economical PVC based coating on our same thick 420D nylon fabric. We hope this offers the best of both worlds and Truck-bedz Gold also includes a rechargeable battery powered built in one touch air pump for automatic inflation and deflation.  The Gold also offer a full depth Security Pocket for with covered storage of valuables nearby.  All Truck-bedz feature the super reliable Boston boat valve for secondary inflation or deflation. truck bedz 2


At time of publication, prices are listed as follows;
Truck-bedz Weekender series PVC vinyl film with velour top prices still start at $69.95 (£45.50) 
Truck-bedz Expedition series TPU nylon cloth prices still start as low as $169.95 (£110.50)
Truck-bedz Gold series PVC nylon cloth beds with built it one touch air pumps start at $199.95 (£130.00)

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