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Syncro Gearboxes have been working their magic again, introducing 3 new gearbox upgrades for the Land Rover marque, the INTRAspec LT230, Duraspec LT230 and the ULTRAspec LT230. The original LT230 is a very capable transfer box but like many things it has its flaws. They’ve added a few simple upgrades to make their LT30 range the ideal upgrade for any Land Rover that wants an injection of reliability and toughness.


All the gearboxes built at Syncro Gearboxes are completely stripped to a bare gearbox casing so that each and every part can be inspected. Every ‘consumable’ part is discarded and the core parts are retained. After which the casing along with all relevant parts are dipped into a decarbonising fluid bath to burn off all traces of oil, grease and paint. Then a choice of specification is decided with the customer and then the gearbox is assembled with all tolerances and torque settings checked and set along the way to provide a bespoke gearbox.
The INTRAspec LT230 is an introduction or entry level transfer box ideal for standard or mildly modified vehicles.  Syncro Gearboxes have removed all the ‘problem’ parts and re-engineered them to address the common issues that occur over time with day-to-day use. It’s ideal for vehicles that are working hard on the road, towing or carrying big loads.
The original helical gears are checked and replaced if required. The gearboxes selector hubs are stripped, the gear selector forks are checked for wear or damage and replaced if necessary. Any parts that are found to be damaged or warn are replaced and the rebuild continues.
They add the following upgrades to the INTRAspec LT230 during the build to gain the reliability and strength required for a lightly modified road vehicle or work horse.lt230-product
One of the upgrades offered for the LT230 is a sleeved casing modification. This involves machining one of the intermediate shaft holes out and fitting a steel sleeve into the aluminium casing. This particular hole is notorious for elongating, the aluminium casing is simply not hardwearing enough. When the hole wears it creates a leak but also means that the shaft is never running square and true, which will lead to bearing and gear failures. This modification is a must for any competition truck or overlander. Synco Gearboxes machine the casing out to accept a new sleeve made from EN24T to ensure it never causes a problem again.
The 300M XPIN is a one-piece ultra heavy-duty replacement for the 2 diff pins found in the transfer box’s centre diff. Their one-piece item offers greater strength to the notoriously problematic centre diff. The 300M XPIN gives the centre diff more strength and longevity. If you are doing high or very hard mileage then it makes sense to upgrade your transfer box where possible to reduce failures and ultimately get the most from it. Made from 300M Steel it’s the strongest differential pin in the world available for the LT230. There 300M XPIN’s have a solid centre heart and full length pins.
Duraspec LT230
Syncro’s 300M HD Intermediate shaft is a direct replacement for the standard item. It’s made from ultra strong 300M steel and designed to be as strong as possible because the standard shaft is prone to wearing in a number of places. It can wear at the end of the shaft where is sits in the casing and cause the shaft to wear with it allowing the shaft to move and oil to leak past the O ring. They also wear where the bearings sit, this can lead to major issues with the bearings miss-aligning. Syncro’s 300M shaft is the strongest LT230 Intermediate shaft in the world and can only be purchased from them. The INTRAspec comes with a full 1 year warranty for piece of mind.


Syncro Gearboxes DURAspec LT230 is the strongest road going LT230 available. Unlike the more aggressive ULTRAspec is has a functioning centre differential which is required for road use. The differential is a limited slip Torsen style that is very strong and allows for better power distribution and traction. Increased strength bearings and other key components mean that the DURAspec will take serious power and serious road abuse. The DURAspec comes with an extended 2 year warranty.
Ultraspec LT230 Transfer box
Their ULTRAspec is the strongest LT230 built to date. Designed to be ultra strong and built with competition use in mind. Now their gearboxes are being used for high-end tough competitions like the Ultra4 Europe, Syncro are really proving just how tough and reliable the boxes are with this extensively modified transfer box with every bearing upgraded for a stronger alternative. A high/low selector has been made stronger so it won’t snap under vigorous shifting during races. A shortened rear output allows for a longer rear propshaft.



The ULTRAspec is so strong that it is offered with a competition use warranty for 2 YEARS.
Syncro Gearboxes also offers a discount for trading in your old box.


For more information or free friendly advice contact Syncro Gearboxes








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