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Track your stuff … with TrackR

Our 4×4 trucks are precious to us, they’re like one of the family and it’s hard to explain the bond to a “Fiesta” owner. We’ve spent hours of time fixing them, cleaning them and more importantly enjoying the fun and freedom a 4×4 gives us, we know them intimately. If stolen, kidnap would be a more appropriate term when it comes to making that dreaded call to the Police.
Well now, at last there is an affordable tracker system that has a one off payment of less then £30 with no monthly subscriptions, known as the TrackR. Consequently we’ve all looked at tracking devices and dismissed them for onetrackr reason or another, the logistics of fitting and cost of certain units is breath taking, not to mention some have a monthly fee that can be equivalent to a family’s weekly food bill. Effectiveness is also questionable as thieves come educated now days in their profession as ‘scumbags, they certainly seem able to disable an alarm quicker then we can fit the dam things.


TrackR has changed all that with their coin sized tracking devices that can keep tabs on your truck anyplace in the world via an app on your phone. It needs no wires or fitting, just a battery (included) and because it’s so small and ambiguous the thieves won’t know it’s there. The tracker works with any IPhone or Android so once you’ve downloaded the free app, synced your tracker and put it in the car, you are in complete control. Handy if you can’t remember where you parked the truck at that 4×4 show. As a fail safe the tracker also has a Crowd GPS which means even if a car is parked in an underground car park a fellow TrackR user within range will automatically update you with a GPS location.
Because it’s only the size of a 10 pence piece TrackR can be placed anywhere in the car and forgotten about, it can also be used for keys, backpacks, luggage, pets, kids the possibilities are endless. Slightly to big for your glasses though!
The TrackR can also be used in reverse so if you know where your tracker is but have lost your phone the system can make the phone ring even from silent mode. It will locate an item when in close proximity by displaying a distance and has the option to make the tracker ring.
They can be supplied in a choice of 4 colours or with a personal uploaded image, made into a key ring or supplied with a waterproof sleeve, handy for all you waders out there.


For more information, visit TrackR




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