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Toyota HiLux … possible roll implications


Swedish publication Teknikens Värld has conducted an emergency maneuver test known as the ‘Moose Test’, with various European popular crew cab pickups. The test involves performing a sharp avoidance turn and then straightening back up,  the test simulates what kind of evasive driving you have to do in order to not crash into something unexpected, like a Moose!!

The trials were conducted on a test track in Spain under controlled situations.Toyota-Hilux-2017

The Toyota HiLux, which did a far less than good job back in 2007, once again failed the test by quite a considerable margin at the end of 2016, apart from rolling over.

Quite a few different crew cab’s have been tested, and it’s quite obvious to onlookers that the HiLux is a pretty poor performer.


Toyota have now finally implemented new design features to the brand new 2017 HiLux model introduced this year and this performs much better, even at increased road speed.

But be aware, if you have a model from 2007 to 2016, you could roll your truck without too much trouble.


Check out the videos below;

video 1 shows prior to modifications …

video 2 shows with modifications …


Problems …


Corrective engineering applied …


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