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Top Tips; Cleaning your Leather interior

Do your leather seats need a bit of love, care and attention? Old father time does take his toll, especially in the 4×4 where dirt and mud are common place, not to mention your backside on the leather with dirt getting into the grain making them look tired and dirty. Just like our human skin it needs a good clean and moisturise to make it look fresh and keep it supple and in good
To give them a freshen up, first clean seats with a hoover to remove larger dust particles, which over time will scratch the leather. Push down and gently open the creases or use a soft brush to loosen the dirt from the creases. Always sample any cleaning product on the under side of a seat where it wont glare at you if it’s left a pale or dark mark.
If just a gentle clean is required then baby wipes are brilliant for clearing up a quick spill or removing surface dirt and after all if they are gentle enough for a babies bottom then they are gentle enough for your luxury leather. For more ingrained stains, work a Leather Cleaner into the seats with a towelling microfiber cloth in small circular movements to lift the dirt then remove the dirt with again a baby wipe or a damp towel.



If stains are ingrained then grab a washing up sponge to help create a lather to penetrate into the leather, try to resist the temptation of using the scourer side as this will scratch the surface. A soft toothbrush will get into those deep grooves or hard to reach areas. Personally I’ve tried several types of leather cleaner from creams to sprays at varying costs but was more impressed when I used shower gel, yes shower gel. I couldn’t find my current ‘leather’ product so just grabbed my shower gel and with a damp cloth ‘washed’ the seats, rinsing the soap and dirt off as I went. Wow, it cleaned them up a treat and left them soft to the touch my logic was if it’s good enough for my skin.
To prevent leather becoming brittle and flaking off use a leather conditioning moisturiser. Again try a sample area in a lesser-viewed spot. Work a section at a time rubbing the cream in to penetrate deep then after a few moments buff the excess off. If the extra moisturiser is not buffed off it will cause the leather to be thicker and heavier causing premature cracking as it’s less supple to flex, it will also attract dirt quicker. Some high uses areas will need more loving care then others so don’t be surprised if your drivers seat slurps up half a bottle of conditioner whilst the rear seats have hardly any thirst.



clean-leather-car-seatIf you have colour issues with a leather panel or seat then try finding a shoe polish to match, make sure on a hidden area that it is a true match because what is seen on the bottle may not be true colour it dries too. Colour may also need layering up over time on a deep scratch and what ever you do buff off any excess polish or you’ll find your clothes will do it for you.



If you have tried any “life hack” tips on your truck and found them to work, drop us the info and we will spread the word and give you a mention …


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