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Top of the Pile … the Zetros by Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 3643 AS 6×6 is definitely king of the pile when it comes to awesome off road trucks, it is an off road truck for extreme operations. It was first unveiled at the 2008 Eurosatory Defence Industry Trade Show in Paris. The Zetros is manufactured at the Mercedes Benz factory in Worth, Germany.
The design of the truck ensured compatibility for shipment within the Hercules C130 air transporter and fitting within a standard German railway carriage.



It’s become a firm favourite across many trades. Weighing in at a Gross 36 tons with a 7.2ltr, 6 cylinder in-line engine giving 428 HP and 2,100 lbft of torque it’s no pussycat. Tamed by a 16 speed manual gearbox with low range option, 6×6 traction is a permanent feature with each axle fitted with differential locks the Zetros is truly kitted out to conquer any terrain.
Capability appears to be in it’s DNA because not only does it come with multiple cab options including a 7 seater the truck can be fitted with numerous options to give different purposes. Designed with the cab positioned behind the front axle has enabled the truck to combine high level riding in comfort with a very low overall truck height making it perfect for rail and flight transport. This cab placement positions the engine up front in a ‘nose’ for maximum airflow making the Zetros an ideal solution for extreme conditions.

As most vehicles, the Zetros has evolved with varying updates, facelifts more attachments and servicing and repairs made easier thanks to a bonnet that can be tilted forward for simple access.
When there is no road this monster can push through to help deal with things like natural disasters, jungle excess and mercedes-zetros-agriculturalforest fires. In its mundane life the Zetros is a favourite for Arab countries building pipelines. Although normally used as a truck, the Zetros has also been put to work as an off-road tractor unit. However the Zetros Secutor variant, is an intended tractor unit for built for heavy agricultural applications.






The truck has now proved its worth in the commercial world of harsh terrains, climates and work but continues to evolve into something even better with age.




Of course as with most great off road trucks it’s also available as an adept extreme camper for those with large wallets.


Mercedes-Benz Zetros



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