Tonka … put the Toy into Toyota

Toyota has yet to announce the next generation of 4Runner, but there’s still plenty of interest in the current, 5th generation model. Proof of this comes from Tonka, makers of the famous miniature trucks & toys also sponsors of some short-course race teams. A recent unveiling of the latest Tonka remodeling, is of a 4Runner and is now making some big waves throughout the 4×4 motorsport world.
tonka2Spectators were stunned by the Tonka take on a familiar 4×4 to the western markets and to radically change the vehicle with the lift, Bullet proof suspension and King Shocks.
If the appearance on this 4Runner looks familiar to some other vehicles you may have seen, that’s because it is, by the design specs. In the past, Tonka has also put their spin on the 4Runner’s cousins, the T Rex and Tundra models.
“We’re very excited to continue our partnership with Toyota in adding the Tonka 4Runner to our Tonka family of trucks,” said Kathy Hawk, Vice President of Marketing. “Creating a life-size Tonka takes passion and creativity and, once again, our team created an awe-worthy vehicle.”


tonks5The creation of the 4Runner was only made possible thanks to several companies involved with the build. Such as Mickey Thompson, King Shocks, Smittybuilt, Rigid Industries, Hi-Lift, and others had a hand in making this 4×4 truck come to life. All told, the vehicle now sits 10 inches taller than before, thanks mainly to Bullet Suspensions and Mickey Thompson’s 38-inch Baja MTZ tyres.


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