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Tomahawk … the Rocket Mobility off road wheel chair

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For the disabled off road lovers, a new product to the market giving full independence in mobility may be just what you are looking for. An All Terrain Wheelchair, “about time”, many will say, called the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk the wheelchair is designed and produced by Rocket Mobility in Nebraska, USA to aid people with disabilities to explore trails and tracks with uneven surfaces, ruts, grass, snow and even mud.
There have been several attempts previously at producing an A/T wheelchair but have not had the versatility of tracks or the manageable size to load in and out of vehicles on a regular basis.tomahawk


The Tomahawk wheelchair runs on a ‘go-anywhere’ track system enabling accessibility to areas never previously within reach, even curbs will hold no boundaries! Powered by a pair of 2,880 watts electric motors producing 13 hp it has a top speed of six mph, which is pretty fast on uneven terrain. The lead acid battery pack weighs in at about 420lbs making the machines sturdy whilst ‘off road’ and easy to maintain. Rocket Mobility is currently working on a hybrid option with the addition of a generator. Optional extras include a racing seat, five-point harness, camouflage paint…’give us a go Mr’.


Watch it make tracks in a snowy woodland.

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