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Tire Balls … keeping your rubber round

Tire Balls, no it’s not a spelling mistake, they are a unique system that fits inside your tyre to help eliminate punctures, improve handling and help off-roaders stay on course.tire-balls
The Tire Balls are a ‘High Performance Inflation System’; instead of one inner tube that allows air to displace away from the tyres contact point the Tire Balls fill the space with multiple independent inner tubes all made in a high tech material that is ten times stronger then a heavy duty rubber inner tube.
Normally a puncture would cost in timely inconvenient repairs but with a separate chamber system only a small percentage of a tyre is deflated allowing the remaining balls to take up the slack.
An independent cell system also aids traction because when the tyre flexes the air is tyre-ballskept at the footprint point where it’s needed creating an increase in air pressure with improved handling and rubber wear. Cornering is enhanced by the same principle, as a car turns the wheel rim usual squashes down on the tyre wall but with the Tire Balls air doesn’t relocate instead it remains where required increasing pressure and stability. All confess fitting the system is a task but that is surely just an added bonus to all these boys who seems to thrive on a challenge, certainly seems a distant memory when they are lifting the top trophy.
Tire Balls have been aiding winning teams of Motorcycle and All Wheel Drive competitions, the military and agricultural industry for over a decade.

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