The Zulu Defender … from Coventry

We are now into the final 12 months of the Defender production and it seems that everyone who uses the base vehicle to give their own variations on the breed are racing to get the last model out there to the market place.
The latest presentation is from the Coventry based company JE Motor Works, their take on the iconic truck is to be named the Zulu.
ZULU-ABased on any Defender of your choice, RHD/LHD, 110 or 90, the Land Rover specialists will work their magic on the vehicle but only up to 25 units.
Power comes from a supercharged JLR V8 with no less than 475bhp and 479lb ft, mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox. That is a fair improvement over the basic Defender stock 120bhp 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel.
As expected, there are various suspension and brake upgrades to cope with the extra power delivery, along with interior upgrades that include an electronic hand brake.
The first unit will be completed in September based on a 110 station wagon.
Prices start at £149,500 (or € 201,150) but hey, that does includes the dreaded.
You can trim down the price somewhat by providing your own Land Rover for Zulu-mutation, with a sliding scale of prices depending on the trucks condition and what you wish to do with it.


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