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The Troller … a 4×4 the world wants but can’t have

The Troller … guessing many of you have not heard of this capable 4×4 now owned by trollerFord.
We did mention the truck in a short news item last year, not long after Fords acquisition of the Brazilian motor company, Auto de Sao Paulo Brazil.
Why the vehicle is only on sale in the South Americas remains a mystery, we are sure it would be a big hit with 4×4 drivers in the UK and Europe due to it’s Jeep Wrangler /Defender 90 size and bags of boxy looking off roader character. North Americans would love to get their hands on it too, many have made their thoughts known online, including the blue oval badge lovers, who feel it will give them something size similar alongside the Jeep brand.troller-t5
From previous production models, the Troller has proven it’s self to be a very competent and capable off road vehicle, although the term “no frills” could be applied to the T3 and T2, but from the images of the T4 interior, it appears to have the Ford comfort factor built in as standard.
The two tone brown version is the off road version that will be equipped with a snorkel, winch, steel underside protection, heavy duty front bumper and off road tyres
Underneath, the T4 utilizes solid front and rear axles, gets four-wheel drive, and we Ford-Brazils-Troller2assume a proper ladder frame.
The Troller T4 is powered by a 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission, and produces 197-hp and an impressive 347 lb-ft of torque. Sales of the Troller T4 so far are limited to South America only.
A spokesperson for Troller mentioned that the company has already developed special versions for fire services, painted in orange with accents in blue with LED lighting. The Off-Road Rescue vehicle will also used to test customer reaction to a recovery vehicle based on the small 4×4.


Troller Off-road Troller Off-road

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