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The Toyota FJ … soon to head south

The 2015 FJ Cruiser has distinctly inherited its looks from the original Toyota FJ40 series built back in 1960 with its two doors, close framed headlights and shape.
Back in the day the F attached to the J40 Land Cruiser name reflected the engine type and over the next 30 years various alpha codes and numbers were added to account for engineering advancements or model options like the FJ-15L soft top. Toyota-FJ_CruiserThis production line finished in Brazil in 2001 but with the current trend for the Retro car shape the beloved FJ has returned answering the yearn for a car that doesn’t look the same as all others.
The end is near however, or at least in the northern hemisphere, the FJ will soon only be available for Australia and the southern pacific regions. America is to throw out the much loved truck due to tightening their CAFE emissions regulations. So, enter the Ultimate Edition …
toyota-fj-cruiser-ultimate-edition-interiorThe FJ 2015 Cruiser has been titled the 4×4 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition. Why? Because its got Toyota Racing Development (TRD) suspension and Bilstein off road shocks designed to give performance at high speed, a one-quarter inch thick aluminium skid plate to protect the under body and to make it look the part designer gunmetal wheels and rock slider rails as standard. Available in blue, only 2500 of these vehicles are being built each with a Limited Edition stainless steel plaque on the dash as a reminder.
The adventure spec doesn’t stop there! The FJ 4×4 MT 4L V6 6 Speed manual and AT 4L V6 5 Speed Auto models have a ground clearance of 9.6 inches and has an elevated air intake and protected electrical components to make crossing water a breeze boasting a clearance of 28 inches. The interior has an additional floating ball panel that displays an outside toyota fj UEtemperature gauge, inclinometer and compass, with the steering wheel controls and water resistant seats this car is set for a challenge. If you do manage to exceed all the safety and usual 21st century electronic enhancing gismos don’t worry they’ve thought of that to with side impact bars, 6 airbags and extra anchor points to tether your junior passengers, the only thing that may get damaged is the car and your pride.
Available in the States for $27,680. Personal imports are required for Europe.
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