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The Swift Hitch … for those troubled by trailers

This simple camera system by Swift Hitch is a blessing for anyone who has ever attempted to reverse and hitch up a trailer alone. Some are gifted with this operation, others need that swift-hitch-camera-systemextra set of eyes to assist.
The camera has a magnetic mount so simply attaches to the tow vehicle pointing down at the tow ball. The driver can the see via the wireless hand held display which features a 2.5″ full colour LCD display. Incorporated into the camera is night vision assistance for poor light conditions on those long winter nights. Although it won’t fix to any aluminium body work such as the Defender, as it is cordless, you can mount it to the trailer chassis above or to the side of the ball hitch to confirm you are lined up.sh3
Both the camera and hand held display are battery powered, the kit comes complete with a 12v in car charger plus a ‘Y’ cable so that both units can be charged simultaneously and all kept neatly in two protective storage bags. Fully charged batteries will give 4 hours of continual use.
The Swift-Hitch reversing camera system has an operating distance of 300ft so is suitable any size of towing vehicle and trailer.


One Man Operation
Cordless Units
Magnetic Camera Mountswifthitch
Night Vision
Colour LCD Display
300 ft Operating field
Charger, duel connectors included
Storage Bags


Available from Demon Tweeks at around £212.00 follow the link below for more information.



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