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The Sun Oven … solar cooking

Ever heard of a Sun Oven, the free way to cook by using just the rays of the sun. Now don’t scoff if you’re in the UK because the All American Sun Oven claims to work as long as there is enough sun to cast a shadow and they have nearly thirty years of production and testing to back up that claim, even the gasket comes with a fifteen year warranty.
The All American Sun Oven can reach temperatures of up to 360 to 400 Fahrenheit, that’s 180-200 degrees Celsius or in old money, gas mark 6 so it will cook just about everything from solar-ovenbread to casseroles, it also has a thermometer so you can gauge your cooking. By using a clever pinhole system (E-Z Sun Track) this oven can be moved every thirty minutes to track and optimise the sun which means it will cook like a traditionally fuelled cooker with approximately only twenty minutes delay in the cooking time, this means water can be boiled quickly for drinking or hygiene. There is a hanging rack inside that naturally tilts so the food remains level compensating for the tilt of the oven, this rack can also be used to double the cooking capacity.
If your looking for something that needs a little less baby sitting the Sun Oven can be placed out for the day and used as a slow cooker because it’s designed with an air tight seal trapping in moisture, flavour and heat to ensure the same temperature through out, this also means food cannot burn whether your sun tracking or slow cooking and it will remain hot until your ready to eat.
The oven can be used to bake, boil or steam it can dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meats just as easily as it can rehydrate them, it can sanitise dishes, dry firewood or sprout foods so if your off on a wild trek this clever oven weighing in at just twenty three pounds is worth packing.
The All American Sun Oven also has an ethical program, by supplying their cookers to areas where deforestation is causing concern they are giving villagers an alternative method of cooking helping to preserve the planet for future generations.
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