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The story behind the All Electric Defender …

Jeremy Greenwood is one of the Principal Engineers at Land Rover. A task was set for Jeremy when a request came in from a South African customer, a game reserve requiring an all electric “game viewer” a vehicle to quietly observe the wildlife of the park.


To maintain the Defenders all terrain ability and wading capabilities was to prove to be no easy task, as we all know water and electric do not mix.
So two Land Rover engineers took on the challenge, working alone within an aircraft hangar, in South Africa an finally achieved the requested goal.
The Defender’s 2.4-litre diesel engine has been replaced by a 193bhp electric motor and 28.8 kWh battery pack in the engine bay in order to maintain ground clearance and wading height for this unique vehicle.


When used in ‘the bush,’ the electric Defender will be good for around 55 miles, or the equivalent of three times a typical game drive, around eight hours.
This is Jeremy’s story …



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