MAN 8x8 camper

The Spirit of Adventure

Ever thought of just packing up one day and driving off into the sunset, no fixed destination and no fixed point of return.
The reality of living the dream was put into stark contrast as we spotted a missile launcher converted into an impressive off road motor home on the beach one day, yes really! Of course the practicalities of owning such a truck come crashing into reality once the owner kindly explained his purchase price, running costs, and custom made hydraulics for a slide up.. We were awestruck by his truck and the years of construction but disappointed that the beach was the only challenge he put his monster through.
This same day we saw a VW Camper, these two adventurers had loving restored it with new additions and some adapting to fit some of grannies furniture items.
Unimog camper 2With a go anywhere attitude these guys were of the real adventure spirit. After a pleasant evening sat on the beach we discovered that they were using web sites such as   to arrange work for food and accommodation as they travelled, only having a direction as a plan. Follow their adventures on face book Finding Places or see their web page
All this stirs the dream, the wife’s requirements are made perfectly clear, a rooftop tent or any kind of camping for more iveco 4x4then a week without a toilet, shower and fridge was non-negotiable, ok I didn’t put up much of a fight I’m too old and cranky to consider canvas myself if I’m honest.
Now I’ve spotted a Unimog. Is this the answer? A German Mercedes built utility vehicle used by the military worldwide except in the USA. Not only is this beast built to go anywhere, it can be fixed anywhere and it comes with the wife’s requirements. These fancy things are custom built inside and out to keep you cool or warm and everything where you left it. You don’t really see these vehicles around, with their solar panels and design they are built to disappear and explore. They come in a wide variety with slide outs and slide up roofs and can ‘house’ up to 5 people all on a 4×4 base. To sum up, man happy with his go anywhere machine and woman happy with home comforts.
So now I’ve found my dream vehicle, I wipe the tears from my eyes at the sight of the price, new and personalized or second hand, I can’t see the wife allowing me that kind of budget. I could finance the dream by making it a life style choice, save, save, save, sell it all and go. This brings me to the biggest hurdle, have I got the bottle to let go of everything or the will to try and convince the wife to do the same. Hmmm!!.
Maybe in 10 years I’ll be sat on the beach with my vehicle, maps laid out with the contentment of knowing I’ve nothing to rush back to and a world of possibilities. Just hope by then I haven’t lost my spirit of adventure.Traveler
Samples of expedition campers;

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