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The Shredder … a tracked segway

We’re always keeping an eye out for the unusual off-roader and the DTV Shredder definitely wears that badge. It’s basically a Segway but with a front to rear standing position, like a skate board and the makers BPG Werks, have ramped it up to become an all terrain speed demon.
The DTV Shredder runs on double moulded caterpillar tracks like a tank so whether you’re playing on trails, sand or snow this machine with it’s six-point suspension system will cruise it. Powered by a four-stroke 196cc petrol engine it has a top speed of 25mph, 15lbs of torque you might think big deal but when you consider you’re stood on a pivoting ‘snowboard’ platform that controls your steering, that’s pretty fast. If you think that’s tame there is a 60mph 48hp prototype on the board. The DTV shredder weighs in at 280lbs is 47inches in length, 27inches wide and folded down 25inches tall so it will fit in most boots.


Want one; check it out here



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