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The Shower Coil … hot water from any fire

March is now in full swing with the Easter break just around the corner. Its the time of year we all start to thing of holidays and weekend camping trips to escape the daily grind.
Well, as you  dust off that out door adventure and camping equipment, here is a little accessory that can be an invaluable asset to add to the kit bag. We were most impressed by this amazingly simple and neat solution to providing hot water on the trail or when out wild camping, its called the shower Coil.shower-coil
The ShowerCoil™ gives you a hot shower no matter where you are or acts as a Portable Water Heater.



The ShowerCoil water heating system delivers temperature-controlled hot water, ready in minutes, allowing hot showers or hot water for washing up and cleaning etc. This simple and extremely compact light weight product takes no room to store and can be set up and ready to use in seconds.
Simply fill and hang up one bag with water, interconnect the pipe, applying heat to the coil with either a camp fire or gas stove as you cook.
CAMPING-SHOWERIn only 10-15 minutes you’ll be ready to shower with 4 gallons of hot water at just the right temperature. One filled shower runs for 8-9 minutes at full flow but can also last up to four showers when water is conserved, using the integral control valve on the shower head attachment. This is a great feature if you’re self sufficient and short of water.
The system stows away compactly and weighs less than two pounds. No batteries or pumps are needed,  just add water and heat. Gravity does the rest.CAMP-shower-coil
Efficient, simple and lightweight, the Shower Coil system provides a hot shower just about anywhere you can set up a stove or camping fire.
The sole UK agent for this innovative product Shower Coil is Tim Boorman of Boundarytec.



For more information visit boundarytec uk




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