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The Shaman by Avtoros … an 8×8 Russian off roader

At over 6 meters long, 3 high and 2.5 wide this 8×8 vehicle is something special and we have yet to look at some of the features.

It is classed as a swamp and snow machine but it is more than capable of attacking any terrain including 47˚ side slopes and 45˚ inclines with three steering options available to the “pilot” who sits in the center surrounded by an array of control panels not unlike an airliner.Shaman-8x8-2


Power is delivered by an Iveco F1C 3.0 ltr TD engine giving 146bhp through a six speed automatic gearbox that powers the front two axles when in road driving mode, the rear two are engaged when in off road conditions. There is also a choice of steering options that will allow the vehicle to turn on the spot or even crab sideways, due to the unique steering system linking all four axles.

According to the company, driving the Shaman is very easy once you are comfortable with the size of the vehicle.

From point of ordering the vehicle takes two months to build and there are many bespoke options that can be added to suit your requirements for the vehicle, from seating layout, propeller drive, extra windows down to work related accessories fitted. There are plans to make pickup and heavy load carrier versions, at present the truck can tow 1.5 tons but this may be increased for the latter vehicles mentioned.

Instead of rattling on about the details of the Shaman, take a look at this video of the vehicle with an interview from the manufacturer and good CGI of the mechanics and unique steering system.


shaman-3 shaman-4 shaman-5

Demonstration Video;


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