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The Russian equivalent “Humvee” hits the road.

The Russian military have recently received their new armoured personnel carrier that was commissioned by the Russian government in 2010.
Built by Zil the new APC (armoured personnel carrier) is designed for front-line use with a capacity to carry ten infantrymen and their equipment.
Powered by a 185bhp Cummings diesel and a 5 speed manual gear box, the Zil APC stands around 2.56 ZIL APCmeters tall and weighs in at around 4.5 tons. Obviously a 4×4 but further details are sketchy at the moment, but we are informed there are 6 external cameras to give a live feed to the driver via the dash display of 360 deg around the vehicle.
Externally with the sharp angular surfaces to deflect ordinance and explosive blast force makes the vehicles appearance somewhat ugly, not that it matters for the military. A V shaped underside is also integrated into the design to reduce blast damage from mines or IED roadside bombs, hopefully preserving the life of those inside.
The interior looks very basic with a simple dash and a cheap looking plastic seating arrangement. For the occupants vision from within the vehicle is good, but one must question how tough the glass is compared to steel on the battlefield.
The bottom line though, Russia is not renown for quality, more for quantity and if I was to sit in an APC during a conflict would I choose a Zil, a Hummer or UK Ridgeback … well it won’t be the Zil.

russian-zil russian-zil APC ZIL APC

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