The Road Warrior returns …

Off road desert race fans will love these mad machines, for all of us who loved the Mad Max films, this latest release promises to rekindle those old road warrior aspirations …
Mad Max Fury Road is due for world release today May 15th the fourth film in the Australian Mad Max sequence that started in 1979. George Miller continues the tale of apocalyptic desert wastelands and in true style of the original all vehicles are drivable with no Computer Graphics or camera trickery. Scrapyards and barns were scoured to find 150 motors to rebuild and then destroy for the film. The quirky off-roaders will influence the self-build design enthusiasts for decades to come.
Here is our pick of the best vehicles from the films line up.
1, The Interceptor still remains in action with more repairs then parts.





2, The Gigahorse – a pair of Cadillac’s grafted together over huge double rear tyres to give lift to the back, powered by twin V8s.







3, Buick – stripped to the bone then fitted on extended rear diff and double wheels.







4, V8 Volkswagen Beetle, – supercharged, twin rear off-road wheels, triple exhaust pipes and the double-barrelled flamethrower (of course).





5, The Ploughboy – originally a Citadel Convoy vehicle, now a jacked up off-roader with additional harpoon and hydraulic driven plough.







6, The Big Foot – supercharged V8, turbo auto gearbox powering ex-military super tanker heavy duty axles, this beast has 66inch terrain tyres and will climb anything.





7, The Peacemaker – a muscle car with a water-cooled merlin V8, tank tread and all the tank weaponry fitted for one fast, manoeuvrable death machine.

mad max








For the Official trailer ;




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