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The Ripsaw … luxury tracked off-roader at speed


With doors that open like a DeLorean this sleek off roader is not your usual tracked tank type vehicle, giving a futuristic sleek low profile, and built like a Ferrari the Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicleripsaw-tank 2) is a limited run from Howe & Howe Technologies.

Geoff and Michael Howe are identical twin brothers from Maine, USA who have turned their ingenuity to making robotic bomb sniffers, surveillance and fire fighting droids to unmanned tanks.

A history of working on military defence contracts determines a level of high performance, standards and quality, the Ripsaw Ripsaw-EV2-Super-Tank-4oozes all of these coupled with luxurious finery, well as far as a tank can go.

In 2000 the Howe twins built the first Ripsaw, a small military high speed super tank, the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever designed. Constructed as a family project the brothers presented it to the world at the Dallas Vehicle Show in 2001 as a prototype. The US military showed great interest and ordered one to be sent to Iraq for trials.

The MS1 was the first offering with no driver, remotely operated and the weapons system too. Then came the MS2 with the position for a driver if required.

The MS1 vehicle is capable of a top speed of 90mph and 0 to 65 in 3 seconds!!!

Powered by a Diesel Duramax 6.6ltr V8 engine that produces 650bhp. The MS2 is heavier and slower but can carry a payload of one ton.

Military off shoots were soon developed with the Mini Ripsaw a tracked quad, Riptide, an amphibious unit and the Badger officially the smallest all terrain armoured vehicle.

subterran roverCommercial engineering demands have produced the awesome looking Subterranean Rover that reflects back to the brothers buggy building days and the Rip-chair a tracked armchair


The publicly available Ripsaw EV2 version has uprated travel suspension, cutting edge technology and handcrafting to ooze luxury in any extreme off road conditions. Evidently producing vehicles for Hollywood has rubbed off on them. Due to the high calibre of this machine there is a six months waiting list, dreamers need not apply as this will seriously eat into that lottery win and it is built to order only, allowing those specific creature comforts of the purchaser to be built in during construction.


Howe & Howe Technologies; click here



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