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The Polaris MRZR-D … Military diesel power

The Side by Side (SxS) Utility Vehicle market is expanding at a rapid rate as people are taking these compact but capable machines to heart when it comes to both work and play.
Land owners, farmers and land management companies have embraced these compact little trucks due to their varying configurations, endurance and towing abilities, now even the military are taking SxS seriously.
Polaris has just announced the launch of its MRZR-D another UTV to their ever growing stable but an ultra light turbo diesel capable of carrying 6 people with enough off-road agility to meet the demands of the United States Military.
Over the last three years the U.S Military have been in close negotiations shaping the development of this new vehicle not only in highlighting the needs for the diesel motor with their limited access to petrol whilst on deployment, they have also improved the sightlines, ergonomics and the gross weight for easier transporting of combat equipment.
MILITARY-POLARISThe MRZR-D has all the agility of their standard MRZR but this is the first to be fitted with a turbo 993cc diesel engine. Built with on demand AWD it can carry from two to six people with optional rearward facing seats. A cargo bed measuring 82.04cm x 124.46cm x 51.81 can be configured from a box to a flat bed with fold down back seats to maximise the space and the roll cage can be removed with out tools. Very handy for a quick hit and exit then.
The MRZR-D will be making its debut in Florida and Ottawa this week.


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