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The Phantom Badger …. odd name for a 4×4

You can be for given if you have not heard of it, but if you have, you probably think the same as us, who thought of that name … fire that man !!!
Well the Phantom Badger is the latest 4×4 fast transit lightweight troop carrier commissioned by the US 4x4 phantom-badger1military. Apart from the name, the truck is a pretty impressive piece of kit with some special features, and is designed by Boeing the aircraft people.
Boeing! I hear you say, well yes and that’s a bit of a story too, … so we’ll go back to the beginning.
After the US government contracted Boeing to build a few billion dollars worth of aircraft to move troops into remote areas quickly, they suddenly realised they had no ground vehicles that could be transported with them in the said aircraft. The Hummers were far too heavy & wide to access helicopters and the V22 Osprey Tilt Rotor aircrafts, so … Houston we have a problem!
Boeing then went ahead with a small company called Motorsport Innovations to design and build the Phantom Badger, knowing that the vehicle was the only solution on the market to solve the problem for the military.
Credit is due though as the PB is an impressive piece of kit with four wheel steer & drive, slim, stable, lightweight and quick. The rear body section or “module” is interchangeable to suit the mission given to the truck and can be changed within a thirty minuet time scale, the options given to-date are troop carrier, stretcher bearer, radio truck, gunship, pick up and general purpose.
The vehicle looks pretty good from all angles except the front where it looks kind of like a Humvee with a slice of fat removed from each side.

badger PB1 phantom- badger

Take a look at the private unveiling video for the US Department of Defence from last year …

Click here for video


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