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The other Heroes … of the off road events

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The volunteers are the unsung heroes of our 4×4 competitions who keep them open, running smoothly and safely, YES those Marshal’s in their day-glo jackets. Dedicating their own holidays, time, energy and even finances to ensure that events take place for the rest of us to enjoy.
We caught up with David Robson and Joe Robson at the Ultra4 Italy event to find out what makes them travel across Europe for a week of early mornings, busy long days and plenty of unpaid work.
David explained, “This is my third year and Joe’s second, we volunteer for the love of the sport really, we have had many race-marshal-hi-viz-waistcoats-2195-pyears of pleasure participating in the 4×4 world from local competitions to touring in my truck, it’s nice to give something back. I enjoy contributing; it keeps me young, mentally alert and physically active by marking out the courses, dealing with accidents, rollovers or breakdowns. Keeping the track open, monitoring spectators and drivers’ safety gives you a feel good attitude and that’s priceless”.
We asked what training did they need to be a volunteer.
 Official pre-race briefings, some have first aid certification, two way radio operating knowledge, plus event layout and access areas are a must, David replied, I’ve liked 4x4s since leaving the military and got over ten years experience from marshaling with various other services, I attended my first Ultra4 event as pit crew, Joe’s grown up in this world. We make sure drivers stick to the course (not much passes Joe’s eagle eyes) and don’t bend or break the rules, it can get a bit heated when drivers have their own interpretation of the rules but once back at the pits we’re just one big happy family.
So guys just remember when you’re out watching some the great competitions and events, be nice to the Marshals because without them we’d have nothing.


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